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Seniors & Modeling

     I absolutely love shooting senior portraits. This gallery shows some of my favorite shots from some recent senior shoots at various locations and wardrobes. 

     Once a deposit is made I will work with you to help you decide on locations, shoot times, wardrobes, accessories and any other coordinating aspects we need to get through to make these portraits the best such as recommendations for makeup if doing it yourself or if your looking to capture your best I do recommend a makeup artist. I have recommendations who are experts in not only makeup but in doing it in a way that is best for photography, certain products and styles are better for photography than others as well as the amount you use can effect the photos.  

     Locations: For this I usually try to base it on the individual whether or not he or she is bothered by crowds or doesn't mind at all. A lot of times I have a lot of equipment including flash modifiers that tend to draw attention at popular areas and that could be intimidating to some. Another thing to pay attention with locations is the time of year, many places look different depending on the time of year. 

     Wardrobe: When it comes to clothing I recommend bringing any and all accessories you wish, they can be sports shoes, dresses, glasses, scarfs the list is endless but some small accessories can change the feel of a photo instantly. I also recommended googling color schemes and you can use a color scheme say for green if you wanted to have your portraits done in a wooded or green area. looking at complimentary colors that go well with the local colors where you want to shoot. I do tell everyone to stay away from clothing that has too much going on such as Hawaiian or printed shirts as they tend to draw attention away from the person and just to the wardrobe. 

     Time: I recommend shooting at around dusk and dawn a good starting point is about 1.5 to 2 hours before sundown or about 20 minutes before sunup. I try to avoid the midday sun as much as possible, its still do able but instead of focusing on poses I've now got to limit areas to shaded areas or use flash to fight and over power the shadows that the sun in creating. 

These are just some advice to start off, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I do require a deposit before going over details that pertain directly to your shoot but would love to talk about photography. If you would like to meet up for coffee to go over some more examples, example prints or just get to know me as a person we can meet up somewhere and just discuss what your looking for, ideas and recommendations. (safety first of course, must be a public area and if under 18 you must be accompanied by an adult.)


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