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I'm an Army Veteran, Husband and Father to two beautiful girls. I am absolutely addicted to photography. I've always had an interest in photography but didn't take it seriously until I left active Army service in 2010. I currently serve as an Army Reservist and my wife is still serving as an active member in the Army so please let me know if your serving or have served in the military, I would love to do what I can either with a military discount or a special product offering. I cant forget our policemen and fireman as well!


I started out as a hobby getting my first camera on Ebay for less than $300 and now have a Nikon D750 ($2000) plus a back up camera and some of the best lenses money can buy. My favorite lens for portrait work is gotta be the  105mm Sigma Art or Tamron 70-200 but I do use my other lenses as well depending on the shoot.

My goal during a shoot is to try to get some posed shots but for the most part I want those candid, semi posed, shots that really capture the soul and personality of a person. I also want to create something different I want that "WOW" factor for all my sessions.

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Tel: 210-542-4560

+1 210-542-4560 (Whatsapp)

I also love going pushing the limits of photography so if youve got a project in mind or maybe you like cosplay,  let me know, I offer discounts for things I haven't done yet.

I love adventure, do you enjoy hiking, caving, rock climbing, kickboxing, anything out of the ordinary or adventurous, let me know, I'd love to work something out.

Click the "W" to download an example model release, required to be signed before every shoot, just re-type the name and sign on the bottom.