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Real Estate Photography Pre-Shoot Tips

I usually give each shoot about an hour to shoot. There are a few things that can help me greatly and reduce the risk of those items being overlooked. Below is the list in order of importance.

1. Fans off - We normally do not want blurry fan photos. The only exception to this would be if you or the tenants having finished cleaning or forgot to clean the fan blades and its better that doesn't show in the photos.

2. All blinds down but open 90 degrees. The only exception to this is if they are not functioning correctly.

3. All toilet seats down - There really isn't an exception for this, very easily overlooked though and gives a much better appearance to the photos when done.

4. Clean, especially the mirrors - Many times I've shot a house and what looks like fairly semi clean mirrors and windows show up in the photos looking horrible. That also means if they weren't cleaned at all, its definitely going to show. There i

sn't much that I can do to fix it in Photoshop. I can reduce and remove smudges and smears but if its dirty its still going to look dirty. Of course, as mentioned earlier, don't forget to clean fan blades. Hoses should be spiraled or at least not spread accross the yard.

Basically a clean house and yard as much as time allows. We understand you or the client is moving and sometimes time slips away but these tips help greatly, so that we can focus on the important things, best angles, lighting and the minor items that need to be shifted around.

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