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Send me any questions you may have. You can send it via text (210-542-4560), a phone call, email or through the contact form of this website. Questions should be geared towards booking. The details of the shoot will be discussed during our pre shoot meetup.


Once your ready to start the booking process just let me know which email you would like the invoice sent to. I recommend once the deposit is made that we set a tentative date for the pre shoot meetup. This allows us to meet each other, discuss options, ideas and make further plans on location and times. 


We do the actual shoot. I recommend shooting at least close to dawn or dusk. Weekdays are best but weekends are fine too. It could take me anywhere between a couple of days to a few weeks to process the photos. 


Once the photos have been processed, I will let you know and then we can schedule a post shoot meetup in which you will be able to look over all of the photos, the processed ones and unprocessed (RAW). You can select your photos and I will go over any details over optional prints and option to purchase more digital files than whats included in your session, if desired. 


All the processed images will be uploaded so you can review again in the comfort of your home. Once you've selected the images you want, those images will be re uploaded into their own gallery and the final invoice will be sent. Once the invoice is paid a pin will be given allowing a direct download.  

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